The Master Thief in your Business – Part 4

business man dressed as a thief...

In parts 1 – 3, David was called by his advisor and friend Nathan to come to a breakfast where he was told someone in his office was having an affair with the company and taking money from his daughter and his own retirement. David has been trying to guess who has been stealing from him…

Nathan’s silence was palpable, almost tangible.

David broke it, a hint of desperation in his voice. “You must be wrong, Nathan. You have to be. I have my hands on every aspect of this company. I make every crucial decision. I’m involved, Nathan, deeply involved.”

David leaned forward, his hands shaking he emphasised his words. “The biggest accounts… they demand my involvement. They insist on me, not anyone else. I mean, I’m flattered and all, but it’s a lot.”

“And then there’s our biggest client. He is 30% of our revenues, Nathan. And do you know what? They keep dumping more and more projects on me. Stuff that no one else in the company can do besides me.

“Yes, I have to scramble to get these projects done, but I still keep my eyes and ears in every part of the business and know what’s going on.

I don’t mind the hours and weekends. After all, it’s about keeping your best customers happy, right?

It’s not easy, but I’m proud of the faith they have in me.”

Nathan didn’t answer…

David broke the uncomfortable silence.

“I mean, it’s impressive that such a big client has that much faith in us…. well in me. They trust me to handle all this, even the projects that are outside of our comfort zone.

David took a deep breath..

Like I said, I am right there in the thick of it, Nathan, all the time. I’m juggling everything, from account management to project execution. If there were someone pulling strings behind my back, wouldn’t I have caught them by now?”

He paused, looking at Nathan for some form of agreement, some form of feedback..

“David, don’t give me the answer.. but in your head add up all the money your company has given you in salary, perks, dividends, you name it…. and add it from the day you opened until today… let me know when you have it..”

“yeah I got it…”

“Good, so let me tell you how much you may have potentially lost… who is stealing from you…. and what you can do about it to get it back and more…

“And so get comfortable… you will need some time to process this..”

To Be Continued…

To Your Success and Sanity,

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