Why do you Own Your Business?

Goose sitting on a pile of golden eggs. The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

Why do you own your business? What’s the ultimate goal you’re aiming for, and what steps are you taking today to reap the rewards and achieve that goal?

More importantly, are you enjoying every step of the way?

Think about it – owning a business isn’t just a post Covid fad or a means to show off on Linkedin.

It’s a journey filled with ups and downs, triumphs and challenges.

And so how do you enjoy every step?

By safeguarding your future and ensuring your effort pays off – not just in some distant future, but today, tomorrow and every day.

Chris Mercer, an expert in valuing and helping businesses thrive, talks about this journey. He doesn’t just focus on the ‘exit’ as much as he emphasises the importance of being prepared for whatever comes your way.

Owning a business is like the cliché of navigating a ship through uncharted waters. But the storms you needs to worry about, what he calls the ‘6 Ds’ (Death, Disability, Divorce, Disagreement, Distress, and Disinterest)—are unpredictable and can hit hard if you’re not ready.

But don’t think about it as buying insurance or weathering storms. The beauty of optimising your journey is the opportunities for growth you enjoy along the way. Opportunities that most business owners miss because they are stuck in a daily grind of owning a job.

For example, a friend of mine was growing his business when the D of Divorce reared its ugly head. Suddenly his spouse left and he had to handle his young children and navigate the shock of betrayal while keeping the business going.

Most others would have folded or seen the business dismembered in a divorce settlement or fire sale, but he had the foresight and wisdom to build a business that could run without him even though his retirement was decades away.

He navigated the divorce, raised his kids and enjoys the lifestyle of never having to go to the office while leading a business that gives him the freedom to travel and the financial security for him and his family.

He told me he was lucky that he had made his business independent enough to run without his daily involvement.  I told him luck had nothing to do with it.  He prepared and so was able to thrive even when the most unpredictable and nasty of surprises hit him and his children.

After all, it’s about making sure that no matter what happens, you’re in control, steering your business towards success and stability.

So how ready are you to keep your business going strong, no matter what happens?

Are you turning weaknesses into strengths?

Are you just paying bills or making sure you’re securing your financial future while protecting the essence of what you built?

Message me and let’s start the conversation.

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