Your Ticket to Flexibility and Freedom Day 6

Remember when we chatted about how making your business sellable will allow to grow faster and kick your competitors’ butts? Well, there’s even more benefits to transforming your business into a true asset.

Today, we’re diving into the freedom and flexibility such a business gives you.

In Dubai we have very hot and humid summers. My friend Frank, who owns a sellable business often spends June through August out of town. He doesn’t limit himself to one place or one set schedule.

Instead he books trips last minute and changes the itinerary even more spontaneously. A trip to Paris becomes a tour of Greece, Croatia, Germany, Spain and UK – around Paris.

He can do all this because his business gives him the flexibility to control how he spends his time without worrying about things falling apart in his absence.

If you own a sellable business, imagine being able to get away last minute without worrying about the business falling apart.

When you’ve got a business that’s not wholly dependent on you, it means you can step back when you need or want to. You can delegate tasks, trust your team, and have time for yourself. That’s the kind of freedom we’re talking about. It’s the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

That industry conference where you can meet critical partners and pursue exciting opportunities? No problem. Travel and focus on that because you know the business will run fine without you.

Or how about finally pursuing that hobby you’ve been meaning to get into, but couldn’t because you were tied up at work? Now that dream can become a reality.

But that’s not all. You now have the flexibility to seize new opportunities when they come knocking. You have the time and liberty to explore different options and not have to worry about rushing back to keep the business on track.

Getting to this stage and having this type of flexibility doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s definitely worth the journey.

And we touch upon it in “The Advantages of Owning a Sellable Business presentation that I will be leading on Tuesday 31 May at 4 pm UK / 7 pm Gulf Time.

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