Too Busy to Invest in Success?

busy woman who missed a bus

I have an interesting observation.

As I developed my business, ran it through trials, refined it, then went from soft launch to full launch I came across several prospects who always complained how busy they were.

They did not have time for X.

They could not do Y.

They never saw their families.

They could not even take care of themselves.

And they sure didn’t have time to invest in making their business into an asset that would free their time.

In our story last week, David was having “an affair” with his own company by being buried in day-to-day tasks and always thinking about her. He not only neglected growing his business but his own family in the process.

I remember a couple out of Belarus and how aggressive they were in telling they were too busy to discover the underlying value and risks of their business.

“no worries” I replied.. “whenever you’re ready you can reach out to me .”

They’re out of business….

Or a business owner I met through Linkedin who asked why she had to spend more than 5 minutes on the business value assessment.

“Because it’s high quality and the 29 page report you get immediately will allow you to look at your business through a fresh pair of eyes and help you identify areas of strength and risk… and it will take about 15 minutes”

“yeah … yeah I’m too busy.. it’s stupid…”

She’s out of business….

In fact, almost everyone who was “too busy” to escape the daily grind find themselves today without a business or in worse shape than just a few weeks or months ago.

Being busy is not a bad thing..

But being busy doing the same things that put you in a rut and hoping for better results is insanity (per the famous cliché quote that is often attributed wrongly to Einstein).

If you’re busy, you want it to be on activities and tasks that are growing the business. Scaling it beyond the hours you put in. Building its underlying wealth that you and your family can enjoy.

It’s about being able to invest 20 minutes in yourself without falling back and relying on the crutch of being too busy.

It’s about investing your time to build an asset that gives you the freedom and life you want.

Now these are good investments to be busy with.

How about you? Do you find yourself too busy these days?

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